Welcome to my blog!

Hi there and welcome to my blog!This place has codes,some times news before you hear bout it and much,much more!Please look and Happy jamming!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sad news..

Hi jammers.. I got terrible news... Im closing down Animaljamsurprises! Yes, I know we took a vote, but im sorry.. I just cant keep up with it. But I got togetrher with my Best koala friend forever and were gonna make a new website together with her as the Extrodanary Editor and me as the Rover Reporter! This isnt good bye... Oh and once I get the name of the website i'll make the finaly final comment. Well, we have had fun times. Hope you guys will love the news website.. Goodbye.. and thank you...Happy jamming everybody!
~Little Miss SunnyFlower

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jammers together,AnimalJam forever!

Hi,jammers i got a really HUGE question and i need your vote!Should i continue with AimalJamsurprises or close down the blog and forget about it?I couldnt post much for the past months because im REALLY busy with ym life right now.Im SO sorry.This isnt good bye I will be back and hopefuly Animalam surprises won't be closed.Happy jamming!
~Your sweet,little rabbit.Miss SunnyFlower

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Show must go on!

Hey jammers,since almost no1 singed up for the olypimcis..The deadline is expanded!U must sign up by January 1st or U cant be in the olyimpics...Anyway my halloweenparty on Aj went great and they are guna have ocean pets!Seahorses and..I think glowfish,anglerfish..i couldnt tell wat they were ;p.And I need your jammers help..See not mny jammers go to my blog..I need more ppl to come...I want toi keep ym blog alive..if not amny ppl come There wont be anymore AnimalJamsurprises..Now for a cute pic!8D
aw...Some1 needs a hug...Arent they the most cutest thign ever?!:3
Image Detail
Well im nto posting much cuz of school,gymnastics class and many more things..Well gotta bounce for now,Happy jamming!
~Missy SunnyFlower

Friday, September 30, 2011

All fish are equal!

Hey everyone!Sorry havent been posting that much.Too.Much.School!So anyway in the reef jammers have been saying that sharks arent allows.Thats not true!Thats a place for everyone to go!Dont be mean!
See thats not nice!
  Plus jammers have  been saying "If you like me go to ym den!"ugh! Animal jam is not a dating website!It gets annoying.
  Also they are starting to sell phantom day things like:
Image Detail
A secret room!The phantom vortex found in Crystal sands and Coral Canyon!
Costumes,New den items,dens and More!(Couldnt get pic for them)They even have costumes Undewater!
Well jammers i gotta hop!C ya on aj
-Miss SunnyFlower

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time for the Jamming Oylimpics!

Hey jammers I got good news.The Animal Jam Olyimpics are here!I thought I could make a Blog event for jammers everywhere!So i made the The Animal Jam Oylimpics!The teams are Team Gem,Team Cove,Team Dark,Team Castle, and Team Mira!We have since there are five teams.We need five players on each team!The game i want you to play is....Fruit Slinger!If you get a score over 10000 points or so You can be in the team.Then we chose team captin and stuff,Plus your team color and mascot!The audtitions end on October 8!Plz join!

Right now all teams are open!Just comment on this post below saying the team you want to join,your username,and Your character name!Plz join soon!
-Miss SunnyFlower P.s the next chapter of petparty will come out in the next post.Plus the winning teams will win prizes! ya!And a cute animal photo for ya ^^
Isnt he cute?He just needs a hat and glasses and he looks great!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time for a day of play!

Hey jammers1I have a great idea that will get you gems and f.u.n!Ok so i make a list of games to play and they will be 2-4 player games!Ok so look below for the list of games!If you get a good score post in the comment section below me with a pic of your score!Also add your username and character name!That way i might be able to send it to you or add you as a friend may be bale to give you your pirze!Look at list below!
*SpiderZapper (With a friend)
*RiverRace(With 2 more friends)
*WindRider(With a friend)
  Ok so if you play a game with a friend you get  a bonus!I gotta go1Sorry leave so soon!Bye!Happy jamming
-Miss SunnyFlower

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back and Bunny!

Heya jammers!Finaly im back in the U.S!So anyway I have been reading a magizen called "Bunnies USA" its has amazing facts,go products,pics,stories and much,much more!Since i <3 animals I thought I could give some bunny facts for bunny luvers out there!
*fact 1-Never hodl a rabbit by its ears.It could cause pain
*Fact 2-If you feed a rabbit greens alot then you keep giving rabbits different fruits and not greens.It will only eat fruits and not greens.
*Fact 3-Lionheads are rare bunnies
*fact 4-Just cuz u read that a breed of rabbit is friendly,doesnt mean the rabbit will be freindly
*Fact 5-when cleaning ur rabbits cage,Never use chemicals or liquids that can harm ur pet.Also clean the cage thouroly.
  thats not all!I have 1 announcement!You know how on AnimalJam everyone "wants a boyfriend"Well i got got 1 thing to say."Animaljam is not a dating website!!!!!!"Its annoying how everyone does that!
  Here is chapter 4 of pet party
                                                (Chapter 4 )pet party
  Sunny and rosey went to rock-high cliff to search for clues.Rosey with her magnifying glass and pink spiked hair said"I found some cat fur and scratches" and Sunny replied"I found some duck feathers"Sunny kept following the the duck feathers to the end of the cliff.Suddenly the rocks fell Rosey was just intime to grab sunny's paw before she fell"Dont let go!"Rosey yelled and Sunny yelled back hanging by rosey hand nearly falling"Why on all the bunny biscuits would I let go?"
  Now a cute photo
View Image
OMG these two things ate my family!Just kidding arent those two cutie-pies adorable!
  Ok everyone I gotta go.See ya on Animal jam!
Oh 1 more thing!If you want to add me and be on my AJS fan-club add me my username is (shzgdfg).I know it not a word but its my user.Add me to be in the fan club happy jamming!
-Miss SunnyFlower

Friday, July 15, 2011

The great Idea

Heya jammers.sorry havent been posting much getting internet here is hard!So anyway clubpenguin has too many member things so I have an idea!When you see ur friends at school or in places tell them 2 play AnimalJam!That way this will teach ClubPenguin a lesson.Of course animaljam has membership 2 but they still have tons of things 4 non members 2!But this is making me real sad, non members r protesting bout members!Ima member and theyr saying mean things!I was playing family with some friends and they were non-members and then i BrB,come back,find my friend in water,and some1 was pretending 2 be police!thhat guy said that i was arrested 4 fake but it made me sad.U see my grandma in real life died from cancer so im sad,U dont have 2 send any gifts though.here is chapter 3 of Pet Party!
                                                  (pet party)chapter 3
  Rosey and sunny went to Sunnys lavender princess castle and got every1 in Jamma with them¨"Ok every1 pets r missing and i have an idea.We split into teams.Alpha team,Corner team,and under team.I lead Alpha team,Rosey leads Corner team and Sir leads Lower team"announced Sunny.After every1 got into teams they started the search.Thanks 4 reading my blog and tell ur friends 2 read it 2.Gotta go.
-Happy jamming

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sparkle Sparkle!

Hey jammers i got some cool codes(celebrate,explore2012, and treasure)and I also just got a mini-elephant plusie today!Plus i got chapter two of pet party!
                                                     (Pet party)chapter 2
Saturday afternoon the pet shop finaly opened and rosey the brown koala and sunny the light brown bunny went in first but they were in shock when they saw the place.Muddy frog prints all over the wooden floor,duck feathers scattered in all colors from red to black on shelves,the pond,the stairs, and the floor,cat scratches all over the dark brown wall, and dog balls from green to pink were on the floors and stairs."What happened???!!!!"yelled sunny spotting the place"theres a note but i cant read it"said rosey hodling a yellow note.
What could have happened to the pets?who could have stole them?will they get them back?find out next week on animaljamsurprises.tell ur friends to see my blog!
-happy jammming
P.S coment and say what you think happened to the pets and dont be mean.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Story Time with ur pets

Hey jammers im back but this is the only time i have internet so i wont stay long.Since pets are out i diecided to make a cool story bout them.the mysterious jammer story was my sis idea but i wont be countinuing that story.Plus i will now be showing funny videos and animal jam videos.Ok here is the story.
                                      (Pet Party)Chapter 1
It was a 97 degree farenheit Friday morning in Jamma and everyone woke up to sounds of meows,barks,quacks, and ribbits.Rosey and Sunny went to Apondale to check it out.In a hollow tree they saw a new sign next to the door.It was a green and pink butterfly and under it in brown writting it said "Pets".Sunny in her pink fox hat and dragon glove jumped for joy and said``Rosey pets are here!Finally after that 2 week wait I can finally get a cute kitty with a little purse!"then Rosey in her pink spiked hair and tie exclaimed"I know!Oh it would be great to have a little blue duck with black adorable eyes wandering around my den and swimming with it in Crystal Sands!"so they they woke up all their friends and got their dens ready for their new pets to arrive.Sunny got Bubble gum pink, yellow sunshine,lime green,sea blue, and grape purple balls of yarn for her kitty.She also baked some tuna treats for her new kitty.Rosey got a little pond just outside her den with a little Dark blue slide and also some little forest green lily pads with some lavender purple flowers on them.She also made a tiny bed that looked like a nest with bark brown twigs and lillies from the pond.
      Thats my story and all i can say is i love to write stories but its a shame that not many people visit my blog.I know im not popular but can you get people to come to my blog and comment about my story.Please dont copy my story cuz i worked hard on this.Send me your own story and i might post it on my blog u may get a surprise just say ur username and character name and i will either send it or trade it to you.thank you guys for coming to my blog and from now on i will post either once or twice a week.Remember to tell your friends about my blog and comment on it too.Plus my username is Shzgdfg.Funny username but if u ever see me say my characters name,say u read my blog and i will be happy to be ur friend.Since im gonna be doing some changes to my blog you can be telling your friends on AnimalJam to come to my blog.I can give you a hint of whats gonna happen in chapter two(Something happens to the pets)Remember to get your friends over to my blog.
-Happy Jamming

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'll be back!

Hey jammers I got some news.Good news is I got a seal plushie!Bad news is I won't be able to post that much for about a month because I'll be in Brazil but I won't have internet for a while but I love all the people that read my blog and I love my blog.I'll be leaving tommorrow at 5:00 so now im saying good bye for a while.I'll be back!
-Happy jamming and I'll miss you!

P.s Dont forget to have some summer fun by...
*Playing AnimalJam
*Eating icecream
*Swimming and fishing
*hanging out and calling friends
*Having water balloon fights
*Going to disney
*Taveling relaxing
*going to the movies
And that's all i can think of!Wish me luck on my trip and If I dont post by sometime in agust its because I may be stuck in Brazil!Bye jammers and I will never forget my blog and my fans.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Story Continues

Hey jammers,I got chapter two of "the mysterious jammer"coming out now!
           After Rosey and miss went back to Rosey's den they got a letter saying that they had to show the new monkey his new Dark-gray castle den.Once miss and Rosey went up to the monkey and showed him the path to his den he said 'I've seen bigger and better castles" Rosey said back"well every one in Jamma used almost all their gems to get you this castle!" then that mean monkey yelled back"Well i dont care ow much it took now where are my servants!"

And that was chapter 2 of the story"the mysterious jammer"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seal the Plushies

Jammers a new plushie has been spotted in the Claw game!A Seal!!!!!!!

Its just so hugable!!!!!Now im spending all my gems to get one of these adorable things!!Did you get one yet?

Jamming for clothes

Jammers guess what?They have new winter booties!I got mine in pink which matches my coat and hood!Plus If you have a friend who is a koala or a bunny they now have seal,bunny,koala, and elephant banners in Apodale!Plus I have a new contest and if you win you can win eithe a Blue locket or some dragon stuff like wings!Ok so the game I chose was
                             PEST CONTROL(IN APODALE)
                               so my score was-25,450
Good score right?So if you beat that score you can get wings or a locket.Plus have you seen the new game foodfight!Its awesome and can only be found in apodale!I gotta go my friends are wating for me at club geoz
-happy jamming

Animal Jam news and stories

Hey jammers whats up?So anyway if you liked the sandwich song im thinking about posting a story.Infact thats what im doing now but first some AJ news and codes.First off codes(gorilla)Now some awesome news!!!I didn't get to take some pics but i got an amzing interview with DJ Tiger!Last night every one was at club geoz and they were dancing so if you get alot friends and dance there lights and a disco ball will come out!!!!!!Plus post some videos of you playing animal jam and I maybe will post it here on my blog!!!Plus we already have 100 people looking at my blog!!!!And about bat-wings first,they look more like dragon wings second,they are almost no non-member bat wings, and third if you have bat glasses those are rare too!Me and Sir MagicRabbit were putting on our bat wings and dragon masks(i had a dragon glove) and we pretended we were dragons!Which was F.U.N!! Now the story!
                                                *The mysterious Jammer*
                                                  chapter 1:new jammer
  It was a very hot day in Jamma. Miss sunnyflower and Rosey berrybelle were at Crystal Cove collecting sea shells and playing in the water when all of a sudden!Every1 ran from the cove!"whats going on?"asked rosey."Probably free icecream" said Miss."No i think a new jammer is here!" said Rosey."I'll fly up and see whats shakin" so Miss SunnyFlower the rabbit twirled her ears real fast and she started flying"Its a blue monkey with green eyes and..... purple sripes???!!!!" Miss yelled"But its shoving everyone out of his way and when he tried some banana pie he spit it out all over the chef!!!!" miss yelled again."NOOOOOOOOO!NOT HIS BANNA PIE!!!!!!"Rosey the brown koala yelled back.

and thats chapter 1 i'll be posting the other chapter soon!


Friday, May 27, 2011

The funny song about AJ and Sandwhiches

                                       Hey guys i had a perfect idea for a funny song!
                                           *The sandwhich song*
                          I throw my sand which in the air sometime saying aaaa-ooooo
                                    I need more mayo!!!
I wanna celebrate and eat my sandwhich saying aaa-ooo i need more mayo!!!
I came to eat eat eat.In all of the world's its my favorite treat treat treat treat
I'm eating all my favorite sandwiches sandwiches sandwiches
Make some space for both my sandwiches sandwiches sandwiches sandwiches yeah yeah
And it goes on and on and on and it goes on and on and on yeeeeaaaaah!
Cuz we will rock this sandwich we eat it all nite
its galatic oh it has dyanmite
Cuz  told you once now i told you twice its galatic oh it has dynamite
If you liked this sandwich im soon gonna post a story or maybe some other cool stuff
P.s If anyone copys this song they are in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cool and fun things about AnimalJam!

Hey jammers!So since I <3 Animal Jam I decided why not tell people some cool secrets that they can try to do to earn money,awards,and other stuff.
*Braddy Barr's secret formula:On the chemistry set in the lab press all three colors 3 times then press the flam(under the round bottle in the middle)three times then click the bottle and you'll get a rainbow potion plus a cool bottle that you can't select
*Mt,Shiveer's ice pond:Go to the ice and get a couple of friends and jump on the ice pond.It will start to crack the more people are on it but it won't break just crack but i haven't tried with a load of people yet but not many want to try!
*Zio's temple statue:the crumbled statue in the middle of the temple of zios get some friends,sleep there, and those one-eyed phantoms will come out!
*Coral canyons bridge:get about 50 or more people and jump on it.It breaks rarely but if you see eagles that means gloves are below the valley under the bridge(you have to break the bridge)
*character colors:if you line your mouse up nicely with the light green you'll get a secret color!Rasberry!
thats about all i can remember but I'll post some more stuff later but now some codes(speedy and foodfight)
-Happy Jamming

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gloves are back Baby!

Hey jammers guess what?Gloves Are Back!!!!!!!But the bad news is that they are only for members but luckily im a member but my sis isn't.But who cares Gloves are back!!!!The old gloves are out of style while the new ones have more fun and taste.They have four gloves.They just came out today.There are dragon,legendary,lava,and mummy gloves!I Got the Dragon glove which matches they mask.Sorry i can't post the photo plus don't forget to tell your friends about my blog and no nasty comments please!
-Happy jamming!
P.sYou know what will make a great gift for you and your friend.
     For girls i put
*Two lockets(same color)
*same flower bracelet(for members only)
*same hats(same thing same color)
*same necklace(same look and color)
        For boy i put
*same ties(rare)
*same masks(same color same thing plus it could be a dragon mask,skull mask,etc)
*same armor(i think they are for members only plus same color)
*same glasses(same color or bat glasses)
*same blankets or coats(same color or fave color)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rabbit Week!Worship the bunnies!

Hey jammer of jamma.On monday(may 23,2011) is the begining of Rabbit Week(go to the activities calender to see)So if you see a rabbit named Miss SunnyFlower call me and tell me that you read my blog and would love to help out with my Rabbit Week party(games,dancing,food,and lots of bunnies)So Anyway at my party Im going to be passing out Bunny hats and bunny plushies plus if your lucky you could get a member only big stuffed plushie bunny.Plus if you see a brown koala named Rosey BerryBelle tell her that you are glad that you and miss sunnyflower are best friends.
-Happy Jamming

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Secrets About Jamma

Hey jammers, Whats hopping?So anyway I found out this amazing secret!You know that fire place in the sarepia forest?well sometimes its all they way unlit so grabe a group of friends cuz it will be time for a Dance Party!you have to have about 5 people to make the smoke bird come out!And you know that brokend statuethe one thats crubled and has sparkles coming out of it?Well who wants an outdoor slumber party?Get some people and sleep there.Then some black non-scary phantoms come out!Isn't that amazing?!Well I got to go but first some codes(playwild.playsmart, and playfree)
-happy jamming
Cute Pets

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Member Member Member!

Hey jammers guess what?I'm a Member!That's right i'm a member!Can you guess what else is up and at it with me this week?A Challenge Me Challenge so this week I chose one of my favorite games Twister(go to the beach keep going right go through second cave and go on top of the rock in the cave) 
                                                              So my score was                                                                                                                                                   18693
Nice!So if u can beat that score take a pic and show it to me and if I ever see u on animal jam ill give u a special surprises.So now here are some codes(potion,and discovery)Plus have you heard about the games,go to the top floor and either dont see or you do?well if you dont see them you have to be a member.Now I know u want to see all kinds of pics of cute animals but i wont post one on every post but here is one now

 Sorry if it didn't come up my computer isn't working well right now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Going gaga for Gloves

Heya Jammers!Im Miss SunnyFlower and welcome to my blog!So do you know what's the rarest thing on animal jam?Gloves!So anyway I have seen people trying to trade but there is and 90% chance you wont get the glove.So this is one discovery I have found While I have been Jamming on AnimalJam I have found the coolest thing ever! A secret glove room!All you have to do is go to Coral Canyons with a friend and tell them to help you break the bidge,but you have to jump you cant dance or sleep(I tried it before it didn't work)so then while your breaking the bridge wear all your clothes or/and become the heaviest animal you have to break it.New posts come often so come here and check everyday for new posts,codes,secrets,A challeng me Challenge,and I'll post some cute animal photos plus here are some now!

Stop It! Stop it im so ticklish!!!!! Isn't this guy cute?

Aww!Isn't this guy soo cute?!